Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DOG DESERT - Josette Lassance / tradução Fabíola Marques

It is night here in dog desert //// The wild west world, among enemies and enemies ///// it is a valley… a desert where men get lost ///// From this very place, where the sight splits up, from the view of the dry road to the cattle skull ///// The wooden ranches cut by the railroad ///// I see all the things submerse in its feelings. Things that we always profane, //// Without any tenderness, evading the bonds of the holy rituals ///// in this lost hour pieces blend and the emptiness fills the horizon ///// nothing beyond a petty life ///// of traps already set ///// 1 it´s night here in dog desert ///// not even the Jasmin shadows fall over the ground in this dry summer, of huge moons ///// where the wind brings desires ///// wild west world ///// good guys, bad guys and bad guys compensate for one another as equals ///// from this very place, we see them all under sand storms ///// to the rifles and shrapnel ///// of shotguns ///// It is night here in dog desert ///// and the day is made of dust, blood and sweat of men ///// who head to ///// a land ///// which will never have an owner, ///// it will be like the nights ///// of velvet and flesh //// among stone faunas ///// and the black sky luxuries ///// nothing will give you ties ///// where the same face can burn under either the sun or dusk //// and nothing else can be done //// we are tired of acid ///// of robot fantasies ///// we are tired of what does not mean ///// engagement ///// here it is night in dog desert ///// lost hour ///// stone hour ///// time to howl to the ashes of the moon.

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